Branislav Jovković

Team leader
Bitlab d.o.o.

Bilateral Meetings

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BitLab achieved a great competitive advantage due the fact that it covers all spheres of our client's needs when it is about internet presentation. A series of activities, ranging from conceptual planning, domain registration, through concrete realization of all possible visual and functional aspects of your website, hosting this same site on our servers, as well as take into account the security of the same, to the development of mobile applications, and support and maintenance after project completition. All these services are available to you in one place!

Our clients are our references, and we put equal attention to each client, due to our wish to meet your requirements in the best possible way, or to "turn your ideas into reality," which is the motto of our company. With a decade of experience, over 500 web projects over 2000 satisfied web hosting clients, our goal is to continue this sustainable development, and it can only be done with you on our side, if you are satisfied with our services.

Web solutions
Web site and web app development

Web design, web site, web portals and web app development. Our own CMS (BitLab CMS), eCommerce, SЕО, our own solutions in area of online surveys, big data management.

Mobile applications
Android, iOS, Windows phone

Mobile apps development, where we are specialized for media houses apps (tv and radio stations, info portals), with possibility of audio and video streaming, also for apps that promote tourist organisations and touris potential.

Event organisation

The best system for scientific event organisation. We created a system that makes scientific event organisation easier and makes it much cheaper, automatizes entire process of organisation, and therefore saves time. We have enormous database of scientific papers and researches, authors, organizers, events..


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