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DescriptionThe family company SUPERIOR d.o.o. was founded in 1993 by Prof. Dr. Ivo Đinović, the world recognized scientist, geneticist and breeder from Serbia. The chief operating officer is his son Nebojša Đinović. Today SUPERIOR has 50 employees, including two academicians, twelve engineers, eight managers and more than 30 full-time employees, in addition about 30 seasonal workers. The company's success can be attributed to many years of work but also due to the cooperation with 15 cooperation companies. The company is divided into the following three segments: SUPERIOR SEEDS, SUPERIOR FRUIT and SUPERIOR CORN. SUPERIOR SEEDS, specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of vegetable seeds. Today the company has 50 own varieties and hybrids from 10 different types of vegetables. Approximately 50% of all certified vegetable seeds, which are produced in Serbia come from this family company. To guarantee the quality, we operate according to the ISO 9000: 2001 standard. SUPERIOR FRUIT deals with the production of virus-free plant material in our "in vitro" laboratory. However, we have specialized in rare fruit varieties on soft fruit, such as the chokeberry, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, wild strawberry, goji etc. SUPERIOR-CORN is created in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Lazar Kojić, one of the most experienced specialists for maize hybrids worldwide. He was over 10 years the chief executive of the state corn institute Zemun Polje in Belgrade. The last decade he was hired by the Kazakhstan Ministry of Agriculture to develop new corn hybrids for the Kazakhstan market. Superior has five maize hybrids from FAO 450 to FAO 600 classes with a good drought resistance. SUPERIOR has one of the largest gen banks in Eastern Europe and is constantly working on the development of new hybrids. In the 90s, Dr. Đinović created thanks to his extensive experience in the Institute of vegetable growing, the brand products "Slonovo Uvo", "Amanda", "Marathon", "Fantom", which are the epitome of the "typical" Balkan pepper and tomato today. Thanks to these products SUPERIOR is now nationally and internationally the market-dominating vegetable seed producer and exports to over 15 countries. By the end of 2016 there will be 18 countries, with a fast rising trend.
Organization Type Company
Organization Size26-50
Founding Year1993
City11320 Velika Plana, Bulevar oslobođenja 132 Google map
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