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DescriptionTHE ROMANIAN SUSTAINABLE ENERGY CLUSTER – ROSENC The Cluster is a geographic concentration of economical agents, research centers, public authorities and NGOs, which have as common purpose the promotion and development of an industrial sector. In the case of ROSENC, the common aim of the association is to promote Romania, the West Region and Timis county as leader in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency and the new sustainable energy fields. The Romanian Sustainable Energy Cluster was founded in 22.02.2011, by 23 founding members, gathering, currently, 63 members: - 49 small and medium enterprises, - 3 large enterprises, - 8 Universities / Research Institutes, - 3 Public Authorities. ROSENC CLUSTER OBJECTIVES ● To promote and participate in the elaboration of policies and in the integrated competitiveness management and engineering, within the renewable energy field; ● To promote and competitively develop the fields of research, education, inovation, production, distribution and efficient use of conventional energy, of renewable energy and new sustainable energy technologies: - green energy production using existing renewable resources, hydro-power, geothermal energy and heat pumps, biofuels, etc.; - research, development and innovation in the Clusters line of activity; - to promote innovative and sustainable technologies, energy efficiency in the construction of buildings, their management and maintenance, material flow management, waste recovery; - to develop the energy business sector by supporting the innovation, equipment production and energy technologies sectors and stimulating market demand for all user categories; ● To represent the interests of the associate members and the active companies of the Cluster; ● To support the development of companies and start-ups, and new investment pooling in the fields of interest.
Organization Type Cluster,
CityTimisoara, B-dul Republicii nr.9 Google map
Areas of Activities


    metal processing industry

      timber and building industry


          plastics and plastic products